Re: looking for cryostat knife

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From:"Philip Hyam" <>
To:"Tom Chrones" <>, <>
Date:Mon, 26 Jul 1999 11:25:25 -0400
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Dear Tom

You requested details on a 12+ACI- knife for your Ames cryostat - that would be
a 25cm knife.  For this cryostat we normally sell 12 cm or 16cm C profile
knives - here are the ordering details:

14021607092     Knife, 12cm, C profile        +ACQ-118.00
14021607100     Knife, 16cm, C profile        +ACQ-179.00
14021607124     Knife, 25cm, C profile        +ACQ-269.00

Please contact Leica Customer Service at - 416 497 2860

We do not supply the specimen chucks for the Ames cryostat - but I am sure
there are other vendors who stock them.

Kind regards

Philip Hyam
Product and Marketing Manager - Sample Preparation
Leica Microsystems Canada

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