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Date:Fri, 30 Jul 1999 20:58:07 -0700
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Probably the method you want is the Gram-Wiegert.

Solutions needed:
1% aqu. cryatal violet.
gram's iodine.
2% aqu. eosin Y
Aniline-xylene (aniline 1 part, xylene 2 parts)

1.    Setions to water as usual.
2.    Counterstain with eosin for a few minutes.
3.    Rinse with water.
4.    Crysatal violet for a couple of minutes.
5.    Water rinse.
6.    Iodine for a couple of minutes.
7.    Water rinse.
8.    Blot dry.
9.    Flood with xylene.
10.  Repeat blotting and xylene a few times.
11.  Aniline xylene until differentiated satisfactorily.
       Check staining microscopically.
       Stop differentiation by rinsing with xylene.
12.  Wash well with xylene and mount.

Gram positive organisms and fibrin blue.
Background pink.

Once you get used to the differentiation you can increase the aniline
content.  This both speeds up differentiation and removes more blue stain
from structures.  The maximum limit is about 2 parts aniline to 1 part

Bryan Llewellyn

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Subject: Weigert's crystal violet stain

> Does anyone have a procedure for Weigert's crystal violet stain?  It is
> staining fibrin and platelets.  I've checked my stain books and can not
> it.  That may not be the correct name.
> Roberta Horner HT
> Animal Diagnostic Lab
> Penn State University

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