Re: Slide adhesive

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From:Pam Futrell <>
Date:Thu, 29 Jul 1999 22:20:02 -0400

   We have had GREAT success with Biogenex's barrier slides that are used
with their immunostainer (The Optimax).   These slides are great!  We
were having alot of 
problems with fatty breast sections coming off the slide after antigen
retrieval in the
microwave.  Since we learned to use them without any gelatin in the
waterbath (DI
water only), we have not lost a thing.  We cut the sections and allow
them to dry on
a heating plate for 20 minutes at approximately 60 degrees celcius. Call
them and ask if you could try a box out. I'm sure they would love for you
to, even if you are
not using one of their stainers.

Pam Futrell
Lakeland Regional Med. Ctr.
(941) 687-1007
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