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Date:Sun, 25 Jul 1999 15:48:19 -0700
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                  Read your inquiry on Silver Nitrate in Combination with
Mercuric Chloride in Hematoxylin.   Couple of possibilities are possible.
First,   pending on the amount of Mercuric chloride salt in the Hematoxylin,
the reaction of the Nitrates in the Ionic Silver salt may not result in a
physical reaction of magnitude.   I would suggest mixing small increments of
each solution under the fume hood.  Look for a turbid white gas reaction and
usually this reaction is followed with an elevation in temperature of the
solution.    Second,  provided there is a enough Silver Nitrate and Mercuric
chloride in both solution during mixing,   a chlorine gas evolution might
take place.  Althought this may not react for a substantial amont of time,
you might consider mixing the two waste solutions under a fume hood.
         I can understand using Mercuric Chloride as the mordant and
oxidizing agent for the Hematoxylin may prove valid for certain staining
situtations,   I would suggest maybe trying some of the commercial or
textbook formulations for Gills or Harris hematoxylin solutions.   Since
most of the present formulaes do not incorporate Mercuric Chloride,  you can
combine Silver Nitrate and non-mercuric chloride hematoxylin.   Good Luck!


Rudy Gutierrez

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Date: Sunday, July 25, 1999 3:10 PM
Subject: Silver Nitrate Waste

>Does anyone know if  silver nitrate can be added to hematoxylin waste that
>contains mercury?
>EMC, Rancho Mirage CA

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