Re: PAP pens vs special slides

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From:Tom Kuwahara <>
Date:Mon, 26 Jul 1999 07:58:14 -0700
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Dear Histonetters:  I have used Biocare's PAP pens and personally
speaking I don't like them.  I used the red and the "regular".  The
regular pen never worked well and I was told by Vygus they discontinued
those.  The red pen sort of works but initially it leaked all over the
place which drove me crazy.  I sent the one pen back and never heard
from BioCare again until I contacted Vygus who assures me I have a
credit, do I Vygus?  Regards, Tom wrote:
> Biocare Medical has color hydrophobic pap pens. They are imported from a
> different company than the old "Pap PEN" brand. The color ink does not leak,
> the barrier stays on through overnight incubations.  They have also gone to
> another company for their charged slides. You can reach them at 800-799-9499
> all the products have a money back guarantee.
> Marianne

Thomas J. Kuwahara
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