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From:"KALIUCCI" <>
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Date:Thu, 22 Jul 1999 06:03:14 -0700
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> 	As to putting it in with the sharps, sharps containers are for metal
> sharps & nothing else, these containers ultimately end up in land fill
> (although the steel cannot be recylced is beyond me, probably too small
amount to deal with).  Waste glass on the other hand can be melted down
(destroying all biological material) & reused.
> 	My gripe for the day, & yes I currently work in an area where all glass
seems to end up in sharps bins. 
Not all institutions have a program for recycling.  We use the sharps to
dispose of broken glass and glass slides because one of our housekeepers
cut himself emptying the regular trash containing broken glass.  Actually,
it was from the contents of an autoclave bag from microbiology.  So the
edict from the higher ups was all glass goes into sharps containers.  It
was more of a safety issue.  Recycling is fine if your institution supports
it and maybe all countries do not do recycling.  But then what do I know,
living in the hot desert!   Have a great and cool day.

Kathy Liucci
Mesa, AZ

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