Re: Micro-chatters in gastric biopsies

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Date:Fri, 30 Jul 1999 09:59:05 -0400
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It sound like your biopsies are over processed. You might want to run all your
biopsies on a short run (2-3 hours depending on fixation) on your tissue
processor. Process all of your larger specimens as usual.

"Hall, Phil" wrote:

> Does anyone see microscopic chatters (cracks parallel to the knife edge) in
> endoscopy biopsies (approx 0.2cm diameter)?
> We have been seeing these in our paraffin sections of these biopsies so
> badly that the Pathologists sometimes complain it makes diagnosis difficult.
> We do not seem to have any problems with large tissue blocks or bone.  We
> cut sections at 3 microns using a manual rotary microtome with disposable
> S35 blades.
> So far we have done the following to try to stop this happening:
> changed microtome - including buying a new one
> changed blades - including using a different supplier
> changed the microtome knife angle
> cut them slower and faster
> cut them very cold or warm
> let them float on the water bath for longer or picked them up straight away
> Any other ideas?
> Phil Hall
> Paediatric Pathology
> St Michael's Hospital
> UK

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