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From:Ford Royer <>
To:histonet <>
Date:Wed, 21 Jul 1999 22:34:21 -0500
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Another point that may help to clarify this matter.  I'm not an expert on this, so
please correct me if I'm wrong.  I use Netscape Navigator and when I go to hit
"Reply", a window pops up and gives me a choice of "Reply to Sender" or "Reply to
Sender and ALL Recipients".  In the case of Histonet messages, if I choose "Reply
to Sender", the address of the person who wrote the original message comes up in
the "TO" line of the reply message, and this is the only address that is recorded
in the address box..  If I select "Reply to sender and ALL recipients", the
original sender's address is in the "TO" box, and the Histonet address is in the
"CC" box. I think that what happens is that people hit "Reply to sender", thinking
that the reply will go out on the Histonet, but instead goes back just to the

In order for your reply to go out on the Histonet, you need to choose "Reply to
Sender and ALL recipients" before you hit "Send".

Ford Royer

margaret blount wrote:

> Dear Lilith,
> I am afraid I was one of the respondents replying privately, by hitting return
> rather than creating a new message. I will not do this again unless I have a
> compelling reason for wishing to keep my replies relatively private. I don't
> think my contribution was as useful as some of the others so I don't feel it is
> worthwhile repeating, but I take your point.
> Good Luck with the rat tissues, I reckon that if you can cope with brains you
> won't have any problems with rat tissue!
> Margaret
> Margaret Blount
> Colworth House
> Unilever Research
> Beds
> UK

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