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From:Neil Hand <>
Date:Mon, 19 Jul 1999 13:33:06 +0400
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We have a DAKO Techmate 500 and frequently have it full to capacity ie. 120
slides per run of surgical slides.  We do one run of surgical slides per
day (Mon -Fri, 7.5 hrs per day) using a LSAB technique not Envision, but
the machine is also often run overnight for non-surgical slides e.g.
university work such as teaching, research etc.

Though 2 people are designated to do the surgical workload, which in
addition frequently includes manual staining such large neuro slides and
TSA, the reality is that one qualified person (me) is doing the workload,
because of other committments.  At the end of the run, the slides are
manually mounted and each individually checked microscopically before given
to the pathologist mid afternoon.  Naturally there are also a whole host of
administrative, teaching, research, enquires, meetings and other technical
matters to fit in.

The way we work, means that the following day's workload (? 120 slides) are
cut, logged, racked up and ready to go, by the end of the day.  Oh, I
nearly forgot, I try to read Histonet daily, but I do not reply often.
Something to do with pressure of work!  (Please don't take it personally)

Neil Hand,

Queen's Medical Centre,
University Hospital,
Nottingham NG7 2UH,
England UK

You wrote:

This question directed to Immunohistochemistry labs that have a
subsection or seperate section seperate from the Histology Section.  How
many people do you have to run your immunostains.....without
compromising quality and overstressing the technologists.  Please give
me your experience as the number of slides each technologist can do per
day either automated and/or manually.

My Experience: Automated 45-50 slides...Manually 25-30 slides.

Thanks in Advance!


Neil Hand
Department Histopathology, University Hospital, Nottingham NG7 2UH.
work : Tel: (0115) 924 9924 extension 43725

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