Re: IHC mounting media

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From:Katri Tuomala <>
To:"P. Emry" <>
Date:Wed, 28 Jul 1999 21:01:25 -0400
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Hi Trisha,
Yes, it is a wonderfull product, if you want to spend the money. We
don't use it routinely for immuno any more, since we changed  from AEC
to DAB (I DO love the red colour of AEC, but...). We still use it for
our Oil Red O's and occasional immuno with AEC. AquaPerm (Immunon) is
another similar product, also works well. Procedure: Drain the slide
from dist.water, wipe around the tissue, drop enough mounting media  to
cover the tissue only (avoiding bubbles). Rotate the liquid on the
tissue to even out, let sit for 5 minutes at room temperature and then
30 minutes at 60 C oven. Ready to be read and filed. If microphotography
is needed to be done, a glass coverslip can be mounted on top with a
permanent mounting media (eg. permount) to improve the resolution.

Katri Tuomala
Anatomic pathology
St.Joseph's Hospital
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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