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Date:Thu, 22 Jul 1999 15:03:54 -0700
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Tonia and all,
There is a workshop scheduled for the NSH symposium in Providence, R.I., that
sounds perfect for what you are talking about. It is workshop #38
"UFO's-(UnFamiliar Objuects) on Slides" If you or someone from your lab is
going, this sounds like a good one. Years ago, we had a similar problem and
discovered it to be dandruff! We figured it out by tracing back to the same tech
doing the cutting every time that these "UFO's" showed up. Fortunately, we all
had a good laugh and noone was embarassed by the discovery.

While I'm here...Re: replying to individuals and not to the net: Sometimes I
don't feel comfortable replying to the whole net. I think that started when the
posts started to be archived. I certainly wouldn't mind if the recipient
combined their replys (including any I might send) and posted them in their
"thank-you" note, so everyone could benefit. It seems like someone (Gayle
Callis?) composed an eloquent note on why some may not post, and it fit me to a
"T". (I do remember sending this person a private thank-you). Anyway, thanks for

I have talked with several other histotechs about debris on the H&E slides.
We have looked at everything we can think of, waterbaths, water, distilled
water, adhesives, stains, stainers, reagents, etc.  The problem is debris
floating on top of the stained sections.  It occurs often but not every
single day.  I can go for a week or so with no debris and then it is back.
The pathologists and histotechs are pulling their hair out at 2 institutions
here in Florida.  (The debris is not the hair!)  We have compared notes and
use different products but have the same problem.  Any ideas, suggestions
(hair removal techniques)?

Tonia Breckenridge
Baptist Hospital
Pensacola, FL

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