Re: BrdU and acridine orange

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From:"Tony Henwood" <>, Deb Boswell Lane <>
Date:Wed, 28 Jul 1999 21:04:42 +0000
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Dear Deb,

> Has anyone heard of a staining procedure for tissue to determine single
> stranded vs. double stranded DNA using acridine orange?  We're helping a
> lab trouble shoot their BrdU procedure, and this procedure was mentioned.
> The single stranded DNA will fluoresce a different color than the double
> stranded DNA when stained with acridine orange in this procedure.  Thanks
> for any information!

I have used acridine orange to differentiate DNA and RNA many years 
ago and the only reference I can get my hands on is:

Maruno, M., Yanagihara, T., (1990) "Progressive loss of messenger
     RNA and delayed neuronal death following transient cerebral
     ischemia in gerbils" Neuroscience Letters 115:155-160.

I hope this helps,  Tony
Tony Henwood
Senior Scientist
Anatomical Pathology
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

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