Re: A supplier for teaching slides?

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To:Sue Danielson <>
Date:Thu, 29 Jul 1999 09:20:46 -0400
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Carolina Biological Supply Company supplies both high schools and colleges with
study sets. They have both normal and abnormal human and animal sets. They can
be reached at 1800-334-5551or
Hope this is a help.

Sue Danielson wrote:

> Hello histonetters,
> I'm hoping someone out there has a good suggestion for a supplier of
> teaching slides...I am helping out a colleague who is looking to replace the
> teaching slide collection for our first-year medical students' general
> histology course.
> In particular, we are interested in approximately 115 longitudinal sections
> of muscle, normal pathology, showing the basics of banding patterns (A band,
> I band, & Z line.)  I'm thinking semi-thin, toluidine blue-stained sections
> would work well...Any other suggestions?  I could actually make these for
> the course myself; however unfortunately I'm not sure I could justify it
> timewise as I'm currently working alone...
> Soooo, looking for a suitable vendor contact is my next step.  I believe
> other slide sets which are being sought after are ground bone, blood smears,
> and breast.  As usual, thanks for any help you can give!
> Susan Danielson, MS
> Neuromuscular Lab Coordinator
> Medical College of Wisconsin
> ph: 414.259.3836
> fax:414.454.7905
> email:

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