Re: 10% formalin vs. alcoholic-formalin

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Date:Mon, 19 Jul 1999 21:13:29 -0700
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Elizabeth, some people prefer to avoid handling the formaledhyde and this
may be given as a reason to purchase it commercially.  However, someone
does make it to go into the containers to be purchased.  It is still
probably less expensive to do it yourself and it is EASY.  We recently
installed all three B/R recyclers for xylenes, alcohols and formalin.  Now
we have plenty of 95% alcohol so we make our own alcoholic formalin.  Wear
the protective glasses, gloves and lab coats and work in a hood or other
properly vented space.  Some labs are beginning to use "elephants" or
"Snorkels" to directly pull the fumes away.
 sharon osborn, BLOC-WERX
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From: Elizabeth Wenig <>
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Date: Thursday, July 15, 1999 5:42 PM
Subject: 10% formalin vs. alcoholic-formalin

>Can I please have some pros and cons concerning the use of
>comercialized, pre-made 10% formalin verses a scratch measured recipe
>of 37% formaldahyde, absolute alcohol and h2o? I have a few of my own,
>but need some more!
>Thanks for your input!
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