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From:"Shotsberger-Gray, Wanda" <>, kkdulany@UNMC.EDU
Date:Thu, 22 Jul 1999 11:04:00 -0500

Don't know if all programs are the same way, but my e-mail has "reply" and
"reply all" choices.  If one chooses "reply all", the answer goes out to the
entire list.  I have MSMail at work and Netscape at home and they both have
this option.  And this is just as easy both ways, thankfully.  I, too, have
little experience with computers.  I found this by accident!
Wanda Shotsberger
From: kkdulany@UNMC.EDU
Subject: private replys
Date: Wednesday, July 21, 1999 1:34PM

     I just read the admonitions from Sarah C. and from Lillith stating that
the answer to
their questions should be sent to the histonet and not just to them
personally.  I
understand that this is not the ideal method, but when answering a question
or making a
comment, it is too easy just to hit Reply on the computer  instead of typing
in the whole
address for the histonet.  when we are all busy with our routine lab work
it is faster to
do it that way.  The only other solution would be that the original email
come from the
histonet, and then the person could put their name and email address at the
end of their
note and that way people could respond and it would go directly to the
histonet, and if a
private reply was necessary then we would also have that info at the end of
the email.
Would it be possible to set up the computer that way on the HistoNet end?  I
am pretty
computer illiterate but it seems like that would be an easy solution to a
Karen Dulany  HTL (ASCP)
Eppley Institute for Cancer Research
Omaha, NE

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