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Date:Mon, 19 Jul 1999 09:17:48 -0700

We require lab coats for all work in the lab.  Gloves are highly recommended
when embedding and staining.  They are a must for frozen sections.  Eye
protection is required when using acids and like chemicals.

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> Subject: 	Protective Equipment
> What type of personal protective equipment do you require your histotechs
> to use during embedding, microtomy and staining?  Scrubs? Covergowns?
> Gloves?  We are trying to implement consistency in PPE with our clinical
> laboratory.  We do have a policy in place for the occasional CJD specimen
> but not for routine histology procedures.  The safety coordinator and I
> would appreciate any info you can share regarding this matter.
>  Mary North
>  Loma Linda University Med Ctr
>  Loma Linda, CA
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