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Date:Fri, 23 Jul 1999 08:13:55 -0700

Being a woodturner in my other life, I've used a lot of superglues,
cyanoacrylate glue. One of the best out there is called HotStuff. It comes
in three thicknesses. The red label is thin like the types you buy at
hardware and what we, in the South, used to call 5 and dime stores. The
yellow label is thicker, sets a little slower, and has some gap filling
properties which is nice if the two surfaces to be joined are not both
perfectly flat. The green label is about the consistency of honey and sets
the slowest of all and has great gap filling and is nice when you don't want
the glue to spread very far. All three types can be used with an accelerator
to speed setting so that even the slowest sets almost instantly. They are
made by Satellite City in Simi Valley, CA and are available through most
woodworking suppliers and many hobby or craft shops. The glues were
originally developed for the aircraft industry. Hope this may help.

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> Dear Kerry,
> 	Try Superglue.  Spread on surface of block with wooden applicator
> stick to remove air bubbles, attach slide in a cover slipping manner and
> then section.  I guarantee the section will not fall off:-)
> 	Linda
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