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Date:Tue, 27 Jul 1999 08:29:14 -0400
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We primarily use The Dako LSAB kits with the fast red substrate which is
also alcohol soluable. We had used aquamount for several years without any
problems with fading.   But about a year ago after having gotten a new order
of aquamount (a different lot number) we had the same experience you
describe - within a day or two the signal had almost disappeared.  I talked
with the supplier asking if the formulation had changed but was unable to
get any answer to my questions 
and they seemed totally unconcerned with the problem.  We have switched to
Dako's Farramount and now have no problem with fading. 

Patricia W. Greer, MT,HTL(ASCP)
Centers for Disease Control 
Infectious Disease Pathology
Mail Stop G-32
Atlanta, GA 30333
phone: 404-639-2811  

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Subject: IHC mounting media

Can anyone suggest an aqueous mountant for immunohistochemistry that does
not promote fading with aec detection.  We currently use AquaMount from
Learner Laboratories; however, after two days the staining within the
section begins to fade.  We also have tried Shandon ImmuMount leaving us
with the same results.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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