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From:"Karen D. Larison" <>
Date:Wed, 21 Jul 1999 11:58:04 -0800

Don't be too hard on John Kiernan.  He gives us some of the most insightful 
responses!  I always look forward to reading John Kiernan's comments!  So he's a 
bit of a curmudgeon.  I even like that.  Exactly who is it being intolerant here?

That said, I'm a newbie on paraffin processing myself, and would have loved to hear 
some of the responses.

Karen Larison in Oregon

Date:          Wed, 21 Jul 1999 07:23:10 -0400
From:          "KOSIAK, Matthew D." <Matthew.KOSIAK@RP-RORER.COM>
Subject:       RE: Comments please
To:            "''" <>


Your comments are thoughtful and interesting.  The negative and
unprofessional responses from individuals are interesting to read and I am
glad not to have such individuals in my work environment.  At work we
receive or even hear such comments around us.  I think we must continue to
be professional and encourage others to be professional in their responses.
I also think that our written words may not exactly mean what we are
actually trying to say.  For example, if I use the phrase "why on earth" or
"everybody knows" in a response, the intended message may be shrouded by the
poor choice of words.  I think unprofessional responses are written examples
of what not to do in an electronic forum that focuses on scientific
discussions.  I applaud your forwardness. 

Matt Kosiak
Manager, Anatomic Pathology
Rhone-Poulenc Rorer 
Collegeville, PA         

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> From: 	Barry, Lilith[]
> Sent: 	Tuesday, July 20, 1999 3:47 PM
> To: 	'Histonet'
> Subject: 	Comments please
> Dear colleagues,
> I appreciate very much the numerous replies you have sent to my basic
> tissue
> processing question. As usual you have supplied the valuable practical
> information which will spare me from learning from my own mistakes. That
> is
> one of many reasons why the Histonet is so wondeful!  Thank you very much.
> There are couple of things that bother me though and would like to share
> with you and be corrected  by you if I am wrong. 
> One of them is that all the replies came to me personally, that is the
> copies were not sent to the listserver.  So frequently I have seen
> questions posted and have seen very few if any replies to them. I guess
> mine
> was one of them. True, my question was very basic but still, there might
> be
> some new histologist that might benefit from the replies. 
> The second concern is  that among those many helpful replies there was one
> very unprofessional  reply coming from a prominent anatomist. And this one
> was posted, even twice! Most of the subscribers that have read the
> question
> and have seen only one offensive reply to it. Don't you think that this
> will
> discourage them from posting questions? If they had seen all the helpful
> replies, the negative one would be easily ignored.
> I am eager to read your posted  comments on this.
> Lilith
> Lilith Ohannessian-Barry                               
> National Research Council                          
> Institute of Biological Sciences                  
> Tel;613-993-6460
> Fax;613-941-4475
> e-mail; <> 

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