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Dear Carol,

A good place to start is Linscott's directory which may well be in your library
if there are other immunologists working in your institution. Another good
source is MSRS at  If you want to use the
MSRS, you will need to subscribe to it which costs about $90 annually, but
again someone in your institution may already be a subscriber and be able to
help you. You should obtain a datasheet about the antibody you select as it
should suggest preferred fixation and processing, though this is not always the
case. If the datasheet doesn't give the details you require, telephone the
supplier for technical information (this also applies to MSDS by the way).
After all you are paying them! I would not assume that 10% NBF is suitable
until I have received this information and even then I would keep some unfixed
cryostat tissue for initial trials, just in case. You may find that even when
manufacturers recommend frozen sections, it is possible to use antibodies on
formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue with antigen retrieval but you will
need to work out the protocols and compare with the conditions recommended for
the antibody. Make use of the many good textbooks and talk to colleagues there
is a wealth of information out there. Most of all good luck and enjoy your work.

Best wishes,


margaret blount
Unilever Research

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I am in the process of try to find a source for ostopontin and ostelcalcin.  IHC
is very new to me and I am at a loss as to where to begin.  I also need some
advice on decalcification.  How important is the fixative?  Do I use 10% NBF or
some other fixative?  This work is being done on sheep ribs.  I can use all the
help I can get.

Thank you

Carol Johnston, HT
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
1515 Holcombe Blvd. Box 62
Houston, Tx   77030

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