Pathology Technical Assitants

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Date:Sat, 31 Jul 1999 19:18:25 EDT
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First, let me say thank you for the helpful comments on the debris.  It was 
the type and brand hematoxylin being used and we have since switched.  We did 
get distilled water run to the histo lab as a side benefit.

I have a technical assistant that works in pathology.  She gets paid the same 
as a phlebotomy technical assistant. ($6.50/hr)  I feel that this is not 
enough based on her responsibilities.  She is a valuable asset to our 
department and we almost did not make it when she was on vacation.  Her 
duties include:  Picking up specimens, coding charges, accessioning, 
labeling, making cassettes, and assisting the pathologist gross.  She also 
changes the processor and stainer, recycles xylene, 
files slides and blocks, preps cytology, assists with FNA's,  retrieves all 
previous history on patients, pull reports and slides for tumor board, assist 
in the office with filing and telephones, faxes reports,etc.  She is always 
busy and we constantly compete with the office staff for her help.  A 
superstar employee.

What is the norm out there for such a person?  She holds no license but is 
teachable, trainable and would make a great histotech if I can get her in a 
program without losing her as an employee during training.  I value her 
skills and would like to present my lab  director with a market comparison.  
Can anyone help me?

Tonia Breckenridge
Baptist Hospital
Pensacola, FL 

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