PAP pens vs special slides

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From:Gayle Callis <>
Date:Thu, 22 Jul 1999 15:37:15 -0600

Always wondered about the pens, I have some that are colored (red and blue)
and the dyes  leach out in alcohols, xylenes.  If you ever make the mistake
of putting the pen on before acetone fixation, that turns red or blue also.
The color will also leach out in some mounting media particularly when using
AEC/hematox combination, not good and messy viewing.  And the pens are 

We finally ordered specially made slides from Erie with an 
oval in center surrounded by white hydrophobic barrier, and plus charged
I know they cost more, but overnight incubations have become a joy.  This 
eliminated the pap pen, which can lift off! and no more messy lines, circles,
or weird colors in solvents.  The clear pap pens are nice but it is 
difficult to see WHERE you have drawn the lines under some light conditions 
when blotting from a corner.  

I think some new IHC slide designs are in order, an area yet to be addressed
100%, and not just for special stainers, etc.  Any takers?!?

Gayle Callis

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