Lilith's question

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From:"MacDonald, Jennifer" <>
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Date:Wed, 21 Jul 1999 12:53:40 -0700

I was astounded at Mr. Kiernan's response to your valid question.  His
response was totally inappropriate.  I don't believe your question revealed
the extent of your training, but only the unfamiliarity of processing rat
organs.  Having worked only with human tissue, I would also seek out the
help of those with experience with animal tissue.  I am sure that there are
many people out there that will now think twice about asking questions of
the group for fear of the wrath of Kiernan.  I have only been a
"histonetter" for a short time but my understanding was that histology
professionals from around the globe would help each other understand our
trade better.  Each of us has a strength that we can share with each other.
There should be no criticism of the questions asked, for not everyone has
the answer to every question.  As most of our mothers have probably said,
"If you don't have anything nice (constructive) to say please don't say
anything at all."

Jennifer MacDonald 
Pathology Manager
San Antonio Community Hospital
Upland,CA  91786
(909) 985-2811 extension 4148 

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