IHC controls- storage?

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Date:Thu, 29 Jul 1999 21:00:59 EDT
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Presently, IHC controls, are sectioned on a daily basis for IHC requests.  Is 
there any reason why they cannot be sectioned in batches and stored in slide 
boxes for future use?  Our lab did that at one time and it made life so much 
easier and I did not think that it affected the quality of the stain.  One 
exception:  the ER, PR and Factor 13 controls, were sectioned in small 
quantities and stored in a slide box in the refrigerator.  It would be 
interesting to find out what other folks are doing.

One main reason we presently do it this way is to keep the cost down...  we 
can put several negative controls on one slide, when we have a request for 
several antibodies on the same tissue sample.  And with the Ventana, the 
detection kit already costs $7.50 per slide or $15 for a set of one positve 
and one negative.  

Pearl Gervais

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