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From:"D. Hammer" <hammerd@u.washington.edu>
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Date:Sat, 31 Jul 1999 08:24:10 -0700 (PDT)
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Pathology Staff, UWMC Management Council, and Histonetters,

This past week has been a fantastic wind-up to 37 years in various
Pathology positions.  My desk is completly clean as of 4pm yesterday
except for sending you this huge THANK YOU for all the "roasts and toasts"
at Management Council, the Departmental Party and from so many on the
Histonet Listserver.

I'm sure you all know I am basicly a shy, introverted sort of guy, so
having all those praises expressed left me a bit overwhelmed,
semi-speechless and at a loss to say something profound. *Grin* 

To Rob and Management Council, I semi-promise this e-mail will be shorter
than my usual......:) but, I must say to all of you, to have finished my
career at one of the Top 10 Hospitals in the country, to have had the
chance to work with so many excellent people thruout the institution
rising to the challenges of Health Care, providing the best possible
patient care leaves me fullfilled.  To receive awards for "the most, and
longest E-mails", is pure iceing on the cake!  Satisfying, is that they
were heard and acted upon...so, my former colleages, speak up and continue
to meet the challenges. :)  To keep in touch, try, Donh7@Earthink.net

To the Anatomic Pathology Staff, I say "so long" cause goodbye seems too
final!  To have worked with Dr. Haggitt for 18 years, here and at Baptist
Memorial in Memphis, has been a great journey.  He has allowed me to take
risks, develop, organize, and support, what he has stated, "...one of the
best AP departments in the country!"  The Faculty expertise is
acknowledged by the many consultation cases we do daily. (40% of the
volume) The excellent laboratory services support them in their role.
Histology, Electron Microscopy, Cytogenetics, Molecular Pathology,
Immunocytochemistry, Autopsy Service/Decedent Affairs, Flow Cytometry, all
supported by a fantastic Office and Transcription staff. When things get
hectic, frustrating, and difficult, just remember how important you are to
the patient and revel in your excellence.

Lab Supervisors, what can I say?....you make it happen!  We have learned
together, stretched together, discussed together, argued together, worked
together, and excelled together.  What a team!  *warm smile*  Don't forget
to invite me to the Lab Week Functions next year in April, unless, of
course, I'm on some cruise. :)

The celebration on Wed. was terrific!  Thank you so much for the wonderful
comments, gathering card's and memories from former employees at other
institutions, the beautiful plaque (oh, did someone say "plaque"?) Oh
well, I only had 2 pieces of cake! *grin*  So today, I will begin to use
the fantastic "Brookstone" kit of garden tools......to fix, replant, and
start anew, the flower beds trampled by the house painters.  Your gift was
perfect and so timely.  That shiny stainless steel is aching to get dirty
and so am I.  Thank You!!  :)

And to everyone on the Histonet list server, many of us have grown up
together, working to develop the profession of Histotechnology.  I was
fortunate to have grown with you and to have worked with all the leaders
in the field.  It is so encouraging to see the exchange of information,
procedures and insight passed on this wonderful list server.  I recall the
1st meeting I organized in Minnesota trying to bring Histotechs in one
place to exchange ideas.  I thought there were about 10 max in
Minneapolis....60 showed up and now this list server is made up of
thousands from all over the world.  Many have termed our profession as
"Family"  It truly is, and to "the new kids" and the "ole dogs" I won't
miss you, cause I will stay tuned into the electronic exchange.  Perhaps
tossing out an old story once in a while, just to keep the "new kids"
aware from whence they came. *Evil Grin* 
Thank you for all the good wishes and comments you have sent. 

Well, it's off to the garden. :)

PS Thank You ALL for a wonderful career!  I'll let you know which grocery
store I will bag at if I get bored! *Satisfied Grin*
Don Hammer, Administrative Director            UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON 
Hospital Pathology, Box 356100                     MEDICAL CENTER
1995 NE Pacific St.                                
Seattle Washington, 98195                  ~Where Knowledge Comes To Life~ 
(206) 598-6401 Fax: (206) 598-4928         

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