Glass Coverslippers

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From:John Spair <>
Date:Fri, 16 Jul 1999 09:02:07 -0700
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We've had a Sakura Coverslipper for the past 10 years, and I am
investigating the possibility of replacing it with a glass coverslipper.  I
want to automate, no hand coverslipping and these days I'm not so sure my
techs would even know how to hand coverslip.

The joy of the plastic film coverslipper has been it's ability to dry very
quickly and we can even file away slides the same day - which we generally
do as we close to 1,000 slides a day.  Those who have glass coverslippers,
are there mounting mediums that you use that dry very quickly where slides
can be stacked or filed in a relatively short amount of time??  Have you had
slides sticking together after sitting in filing cabinets for awhile?  How
long does it take your glass coverslipper to run a batch, and what is the
batch size?  Does your coverslipper need babysitting or can you walk away
and trust it?  

Thank you, I value your input, and I'd rather hear from techs and not
salespeople please.  

John Spair, HT(ASCP)
Manager, Pathology Services
MultiCare Health System

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