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From:Lynn Gardner <>
Date:Fri, 23 Jul 1999 14:41:32 -0400
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To all Histonetters, 

This is a real situation and I hope that we as a group can contribute and
help the Dize family with their daughter's medical bills or other costs. If
you have never been through this you don't realize how fast the insurance
money goes and that there are many expenses you don't realize until it

For those of you who missed my e-mail last week. Lynn Dize, Histology
Supervisor at the Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta Georgia was in a car
accident with her almost 5 year old daughter. Lynn is fine, however, her
daughter sustained major head injury even though she was in the back seat
and buckled in. 

Here is an update on the Lynn Dize, daughter's condition. First her
daughters name is Morgan. She is still in critical condition and in a coma
but is stable. They tried to take her off medications last week and she did
not respond well and the swelling in her brain became severe, therefore,
they had to place her back on the medications to stabilize her. She is once
again stable. They will try removing medications again this week to see if
she will come out of the coma.

New update: The took Morgan off more medications she briefly opened her
eyes and she squeezed her mothers hand. This is encouraging, however, she
is still in critical condition.

FUND ESTABLISHED: I have established a fund for the Dize family under
Morgan's mothers name Sabrina Lynn Dize (she goes by Lynn). This fund will
help the family pay for medical costs, time off from work and whatever else
they need in order to take care of Morgan.

If you would like to help as many of you indicated to me last week here is
what you need to do!

Make a check out to First Union in the memo line write this account number
3000020783964. Then send this check to the following address, (Note: you
may want to include a memo to the bank that the check is for the account
listed above under the name of Sabrina Lynn Dize, just to make sure it gets
into the correct account):

First Union National Bank
Bank by Mail Department
4695 Aviation Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30349-6048

If you don't want to mail a check you may wire the money to the same
address however you must include the routing number which is 061000227 as
well as the account number listed above.

I know we are a generous group please help out with this any way you can if
not monitary then cards or letters. Letters and cards can still be sent to
Julia Darling at the following address and she will give them to Lynn.

Piedmont Hospital
C/O Julia Darling
1968 Peachtree Road NW
Atlanta, GA 30309

Also please let other histotechs know about this as not all of us are
fortunate enough to have access to the histonet. Thanks for your help

If anyone has any questions concerning this issue please let me know either
by e-mail ( or by phone (319-335-7095) as I will be
happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Thank all of you for your time. This is a difficult situation and I hope
that we can come through for Lynn as  I know these are truely difficult
times for her and her family.

Lynn Gardner, HT(SACP)

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