Automated special stains

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From:"Andrea Kaj" <>
Date:Tue, 27 Jul 1999 01:55:41 PDT
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There was a comment from last week that I just can't let go off. Robin F 
told that a lab payed $1000 for a (one!) special stain kit from Ventana.
My, it sounds grotesque. That is around the amount I spend yearly on powder 
and regents for special stains (well not totally, but close enough). Also, I 
have heard that a run with 20 slides takes around one hour - in that time I 
can stain 50-100 slides with various special stains. Doesn't sound optimal 
to me.
Usually the dyes last for one week (with a daily top-up), and the powders 
are almost of eternal life. So why accept these expensive kits with an 
expiry less than 9 months?
Is it low volume labs that benefit from this kind of automation?
I welcome technical improvements and automation, but this, I do not know who 
benefits besides from the vendor......?
Other opinions most welcome. Andrea.

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