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Date:Wed, 07 Jul 1999 15:06:20 -0800 (PST)

Hi Vendors,

We're budgeting for next year and would like information on available
cryostats (price, model, availability, etc.)  The hope is that a new cryo will
be bought in the year 2000.  I would appreciate any response with information
and brochures by tomorrow morning.  I'm hoping we get something between $15,000
to $30,000.  SORRY about the limited time.  I just was given this request 10
minutes ago as we missed the deadline yesterday--but got an extension till 3pm

So if you can respond as soon as possible, I would appreciate it.  You can
email, fax (503-221-3451), or call me 503-221-1537.  

Also, a particular note to Instrumentics (sp).  If you could fax me some info
regarding the CryoJane, that would be great. I'm trying to convince my boss to
get it.  

Thank you for all you responses a head of time.  


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