pancreatic iselt cells

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From:"I.H.Straatsburg DIVG" <>
Date:Mon, 5 Jul 1999 17:07:06 +0100
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Dear Jim and others,
I would be very interested in staining functional (!) pancreatic islet
cells in pig pancreas after induction of chronic pancreatitis. The
question is: does the endocrine stil function when exocrine functions
have become poor after several weeks of pancreatitis. In routine H7E
stained paraffin sections, the islets can still be identified.
However, we know nothing about their function at that time. Do you
have any suggestions in how to stain their funct6ional capacity? With
antibodies? Sincerely, Irene
Dr. I.H. Straatsburg
IWO1-155, Dept. Exp. Surg., Surgical Lab., 
AMC, Amsterdam, NL 1105 AZ
tel. +31.20.5666653

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