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From:Gayle Callis <>
Date:Tue, 6 Jul 1999 15:00:34 -0600

Often the companies selling  antibodies, like Pharmingen or Serotec
have extensive databases on publications for each of their antibodies.
This is true of murine and rat antibodies, often the articles are on the
back of their wall charts (Pharmingen).  Pharmingen cites the
publication in the catalog description of each antibody, have found their 
catalog the most useful in this respect.     

Serotec does the same thing, particularly on wall chart of rat and
murine dendritic cell antibodies, and many of the articles are the 
original publications.  Vector, Dako, Biogenex, etc are also a huge help,
others unnamed are not mentioned only because we haven't used their products
or antibodies, not to diminish their services.   

I guess one approach is to access vendor with a specific antibody in
mind, then do some leg work to a library, our approach or head to medline
Vendors are extremely reliable, helpful, a blessing! and willing to 
send info to you asap.  Best of all you can do it via email/FAX return!  

I don't know about the MSRS (hope I didn't mess that one up!) for references,
but maybe that is the most extensive database around for many/all antibodies.
One thing is certain, my antibody sources are beyond compare, and have
never failed to supply my IHC info needs.     

As for ISH, I recall a database for sequences?  so one can make their probes,
or have them made and it is accessible via internet.  Need help on this

Maybe these approaches are not the desired answer, but they certainly work
for us.

Gayle Callis  


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