cryostat sections/breast tissue

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From:Leona Cohen-Gould <>
To:"HistoNet Server" <>
Date:Mon, 12 Jul 1999 16:04:55 -0400
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Hi All,
I run a core service facility (primarily for EM) and have just gotten a
request to cut frozen sections (for light microscopy/immuno) of breast
biopsy samples.  To the best of anyones' knowledge, these biopsies were
flash frozen without cryoprotection and have been stored for an
indeterminate period of time at -70C.  I usually handle samples for
research, and have the luxury of controlling processing conditions, so I am
accusstomed to material that has been cryoprotected and handled carefully.
I'm sure that there is a trove of information out there about how to deal
with these samples (i.e.  how do I mount them on the specimen stub without
thawing them?)
Thanks for your help,
Lee Cohen-Gould

Leona Cohen-Gould, M.S.
Sr. Staff Associate
Director, Electron Microscopy Core Facility
Manager, Confocal Microscopy Core Facility
Joan & Sanford I. Weill Medical College
of Cornell University
voice  (212)746-6146
fax (212)746-8175

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