Wright-Giemsa FNA/ER/PR?

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From:"BB racing" <bbracing@silk.net>
To:"Histonet" <histonet@Pathology.swmed.edu>
Date:Wed, 23 Jun 99 20:13:10 PDT
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You may find yourself in a bind. As mentioned you can decolorize you smears in alcohol, with or without sodium hydroxide or lithium carbonate, and restain them with Diff Quick, but in my expirence you will not be able to get reliable results for you ER/PR.  This is  because slides which have NOT been fixed in formalin befor being exposed to alcohol, (that includes the alcohol found in the Wright-Giemsa stain) will give inaccurate ER/PR results.  We always have our pathologist make two slides, one for the Diff Quick stain, which is subsequently restained for a permanent slide using a PAP stain.  The second slide for ER/PR, is air dryed, then placed in 10% formalin for 20 min, transfered to cold (4C) methanol for 6 min, then transfered to cold (4C) acetone for 3 min, then placed in an equal mixture of saline and glycern for 5 min, then place in a -70C freezer untill stained for ER/PR. This technology will ensure accurate ER/PR results on FNA smears.
Kerry Beebe
Kelowna General Hospital
B.C. Canada

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