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Date:Tue, 13 Jul 1999 17:45:07 +1000
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Dear Amy,
for the life of me I can't think of any scenario in which Micro wouldn't
have diagnosed it first eg. of imprints of suspected lesions etc.
Certainly if clinically suspected or if at the time of surgery a "Cheesy"
lesion is removed, microbiology would be considered first, although I do
recall doing a frozen section some years ago on a suspected seminoma , which
because of its appearance we also did some smears and a ZN which was
positive; but micro could have done it just as well.
If the practice is paying a standby rate already to a Pathologist (and most
places do) then let them do the Histo/cyto on call, because let's face it ,
histo doesn't always have the same urgency as Biochem, Haematology etc.
Regards Mike Rentsch
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From: Woodfin, Amy C <>
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Date: Tuesday, 13 July 1999 3:55
Subject: On-Call Techs ?

>Hi folks,
>Wondering if many labs have on-call Histotechs?  We currently don't, but
>docs are interested in having something more formal than the scramble that
>happens when they REALLY need a stat GMS or AFB on the weekends.  I realize
>there are a variety of ways to do call systems, and would appreciate some
>input on what your lab does.  Do you rotate?  How often?  Are you paid for
>the entire call time, or just the time you are called in?  How are you
>notified; home phone, cell phone, pager?  Any info would be VERY helpful
>Amy Woodfin
>Pathology Supervisor
>St. Joseph Hospital
>Bellingham, WA

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