Re: Clearing agents and Immunocytochemistry

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From:"Ronan Ward" <>
To:"HistoNet Server" <>
Date:Sun, 11 Jul 1999 18:44:37 +0100
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Dear Ian,

I've also seen very little on this topic.  One very detailed paper (the sort
your glad somebody else has done) was in the JCP in 1997 (Tissue preparation
for Immunocytochemistry --Williams, Mepham and Wright 50:422-428).  This
covered all aspects from fixation through to section storage.

In tissue processing they found that only temperature and the duration of
the dehydration and wax infiltration steps had any affect on
immunoreactivity.  They compared xylene, chloroform, clearene (Surgipath,
uk) and Shandons xylene substitue.

Overall the temperature and the duration of section drying had the greatest


>Date: 8 Jul 1999 10:07:01 -0500
>From: Ian Montgomery <>
>Subject: Clearing agents.
> Clearing agents for tissue processing in immunohistochemistry.
> Xylene is ok but what about the others, chloroform, benzene,
>toluene, amyl acetate etc. I'm a wee bit suspicious about loss of
>antigenicity with chloroform but nothing I'd like to stake the contents of
>my wifes wallet on.
> Haven't found a lot in the literature regarding use, any thoughts.

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