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From:"Saby, Joseph" <>
To:"'Arthur McCaffrey'" <>
Date:Wed, 7 Jul 1999 12:50:37 -0400
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Dear Mr. McCaffrey:

I assume that you got my address from the HistoNet.  Perhaps I am wrong
about that, and if I am, I apologize for what I am about to write in

I participate on the HistoNet to be part of a forum of professionals, where
questions and ideas can be exchanged freely.  There is a place for vendors
in this forum, a very necessary place I might add.  If a question is asked,
and you have a product which may be a service to the questioner, then you
are encouraged to reply.  We hope you will reply to HistoNet as a whole so
we may all learn what you have to say, but you may also reply privately.  We
all hope that under these circumstances that you will participate.  Vendors
are not only a major support for HistoNet and many other endeavors, such as
conventions.  But vendors are on the very cutting edge with their new
products, and as conscientious professionals we need to know about these new
advances or tools.

But under NO circumstances should any vendor use the address list from
HistoNet to submit an unsolicited mass mailing.  Again, I encourage you to
reply to any question asked.  But since I did not ask for your information
(as seen below), if you obtained my e-mail address from the HistoNet, I find
your conduct unconscionable.  Please refrain from such conduct in the

Joseph A. Saby, BA HT
Diagnostic Pathology, Pathology & Experimental Toxicology
Parke-Davis/Int. Pharm. Res. Div. Warner-Lambert
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Phone: (734) 622-3631
Fax:     (734) 622-5718

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From: Arthur McCaffrey []
Sent: Wednesday, July 07, 1999 9:19 AM
Subject: slide handling

Dear Joseph,         

The SlideShow incubation box from Genex Ltd is just what you need to
semi-automate your immunochemistry protocols. The SlideShow is a range of 4
sizes of humid incubation boxes that have special polymer rails that grip
your slides or coverslips. There are no clips or fiddly parts, simply place
your slide across 2 rails! Thats it! The rails will prevent all movement
and allow you to add probes and even wash down slides afterwards.

We have hundreds of customers who use the SlideShow and will not go back to
home-made or glass rail products.

Check out the SlideShow on our web-site Prices start at 75.00 for a 10
slide capacity Unit rising to 100 for a 30 slide capacity unit.

If you would like more details, e-mail me with your requirements, I will be
happy to help.

Best regards
Arthur McCaffrey

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