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Hi Kathy,

We have the grossing assistants and the PA rotate call on weekends. The
grossing area has become so involved with image capture photography and
other sophisticated procedures that most of the histotechs can do no more
than just cut the frozen. It didn't seem reasonable to cross train in all
the grossing assistants duties.

All who rotate call are very happy to make the extra money. They get $4 an
hour and time and a half if called in. They rarely get called in. 

EMC, Rancho Mirage, CA

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We also take call but we take call for two hospitals.  We are down to just
three of us, but soon, so I have been told, will go back up to 6.  We take
call for frozens from 4:30pm, after the lab tech leaves, until 9pm, Monday
through Friday.  On the weekends we are on call from 8am to 8pm.  We get $2
an hour for on call and when called in, we are paid a minimum of 2 hours at
time and a half.  We take call one week at a time and carry a beeper.  
What I would like to know from those who take call is, who other than the
histotechs take call?  Do you have any PA's or lab assistants taking call? 
Kathy Liucci
Mesa, AZ

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