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From:"Nocito, Joseph" <>
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Date:Tue, 13 Jul 1999 14:05:37 -0500

funny you should ask.  We just started a transplant unit and I developed a
weekly call schedule.  The techs are on call Monday through Friday from 5:00
PM until 5:00 AM.  Twenty-four hours on the weekends and holidays.  For on
call, they receive an on call pay, (about $2.00 per hour)  If they get
called in, they receive $10 for travel, plus their hourly wage, with a
minimum of 2 hours worked, even if they only work one hour, they get paid
for 2 hours. If they get called in during the evening or night, they get the
shift differential for those hours.  If they go over 40 hours, then they
also get over-time pay. I made the schedule on a rotating basis.  The
hospital gave me a pager for them to use.  Central receiving in the main lab
and the pathologists have the schedule.  The techs didn't trust the pager,
so the offered to have their home telephone numbers listed just in case.  I
did not put myself on the schedule for several reasons. 1.  I'm salaried so
I do not get on-call pay. 2.  If a tech gets called in during the middle of
the night, I will pull their shift for the day. 3. I'm always the back up to
the techs.  If the pathologist can not reach the tech, I come in.  Hope this
gives you some idea.  Good luck.

Joe Nocito, B.S., HT(ASCP)QIHC
Histology Supervisor
Christus Santa Rosa Hospitals
San Antonio, Texas 

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> Subject:	On-Call Techs ?
> Hi folks,
> Wondering if many labs have on-call Histotechs?  We currently don't, but
> our
> docs are interested in having something more formal than the scramble that
> happens when they REALLY need a stat GMS or AFB on the weekends.  I
> realize
> there are a variety of ways to do call systems, and would appreciate some
> input on what your lab does.  Do you rotate?  How often?  Are you paid for
> the entire call time, or just the time you are called in?  How are you
> notified; home phone, cell phone, pager?  Any info would be VERY helpful
> :-)
> Thanks!
> Amy Woodfin
> Pathology Supervisor
> St. Joseph Hospital
> Bellingham, WA

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