RE: Fixed frozen section adhesion

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From:Alex Brown <>
To:"'Histonet'" <>
Date:Wed, 30 Jun 1999 19:27:00 +0100
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Hi John,
	Never touch rat brains if I can help it ( although one never
really knows what's in a curry :)  )  but we occasionally do Oil Red
O's on fixed frozen human tissue.
	We pick up the sections on 'charged' slides and lay them on a
slide tray and let them dry for a few minutes ( or longer, -  no fixed
time really )  We then put them in a microwave for 10 secs on 'high'  (
I know this vagueness will really annoy a certain Mr Slap - Sorry! )
before 'staining' .  I have no idea why this makes a difference, but we
found it helped to keep the sections on the slide.  Any enlightenment
		Hope this might help,
			Alex Brown
			Crosshouse Hospital
			Kilmarnock, Scotland.

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