Pancreatic Islet cells!

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Date:Fri, 2 Jul 1999 10:18:49 -0400
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     Hi Histonetters!  I am seeking input for Aldehyde Fucshin staining of islet
cells.  Currently I am doing histological work on 10% NBF fixed paraffin
embedded mouse kidneys in which islet cells (also mouse) have been transplanted
under the renal capsule.  I have consulted Sheehan's book for  Gomori's Aldehyde
Fucshin staining of pancreatic islet cells but have had little success. The
stain functions beautifully for the elastin tissue in the vasculature but there
is no staining of islet cells; even in normal pancreas tissue.  I know that the
stain needs to be prepared fresh and is good for only a few weeks. I have also
substituted acetaldehyde for paraldehyde in preparing the stain.  Still no good
staining of islets!  Any suggestions would be most greatly appreciated!  Thanks
in advance!

Jennifer Hoover
Transplantation Biology
Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Summit, NJ

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