Freezing muscle and other difficult samples

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From:"margaret blount" <>
To:histonet <>
Date:Fri, 2 Jul 1999 14:11:46 +0100


I have been reading the comments on freezing muscle with interest because I am
glad to learn from others. I would like to add my tuppenceworth: I was
introduced to cross over forceps which grip the object when released and
release the object when squeezed. We use these to hold the cork mounts of our
samples during preparation and then it is very easy to release the sample
quickly into queching agent when ready. I get mine from Agar Scientific in the
UK but I guess that any electron microscopy supplier would carry them, they are
Dumont tweezers N1 catalogue no T5042 in Agar's catalogue (email:

I hope this helps some people, I wouldn't be without my tweezers now.

Margaret Blount
Colworth House
Unilever Research

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