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From:"Michael Mihalik"

Can you explain what you mean when you say the 'headsets are voice

Also, have you ever used Dragon before?  There's a difference between 'go to
sleep' and 'microphone off'.

Where did you get the foot pedal from and how does it work, if you don't
mind my asking?

I'd be curious what other people's experience with Dragon is, if you can
spare the time.

Michael Mihalik
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We are in the process of purchasing Dragon as we speak. The headsets are
voice activated so I am counting on that working in the gross room, although
I have included a foot pedal in the purchase request which will activate the
head set. I will know more next week when it is installed. Let me know if
you would like follow up and I'll keep you posted. 

I can't imagine yet how they will gross and edit at the same time... 

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Jon, did you ever get an answer to this question?  

I am not as familiar with all the various dictation systems that I would
like to be, but I have used something that may help.

You can buy a foot pedal that can be 'programmed' to send a hotkey
combination to an external device, typically a PC.

In my case,  I was considering using this setup to enable and disable Dragon
Naturally Speaking at the gross workstation.

Michael Mihalik
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We are in the process of upgrading our LIS. We are looking at moving our
dictation system from our current Dictaphone analog system. We would like to
use a digital system that can support VOIP.  The problem we are running into
is trying to find one that supports a hands free control that our grossing
pathologists need.
Does anyone have recommendations on digital systems that support foot

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