[Histonet] Blue Zones

From:"Okland, Gloria A"

Hi All, 
We have been seeing a very random appearance of Blue Zones on our H&E
slides.  It affects one section, but not the next in serial sections and
if we restain the slides, they look better, and it seems to just be the
GI biopsies that we have trouble with.  It seems like the tissue is not
being stained by the eosin in these areas=2E  The slides are
deparraffinized and hydrated, and the hematoxylin stain looks ok, it is
just the Eosin.  Any suggestions that you may have, are greatly
appreciated, this have been an ongoing problem for some time now.

Gloria Okland HT (ASCP) 
Histology Supervisor 
Quest Diagnostics 
=0A4770 Regent Blvd 
Irving, TX 75063 
972-916-3539 fax 


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