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From:"Janice Mahoney"

Wow, don't you just love the net!
Thanks for the information Maxim and good luck with your progress.
Omaha, Nebraska, USA

>>> Maxim Peshkov  07/30/2007 2:01 PM >>>
Dear histonetters!
Pictures, which you saw are really.
So or approximately so look the majority histo
labs in Russia. Our country has also very
progressive and rich labs.
I belive that now we today have much possibilities
for improvement of the work conditions in our
labs. You help to us by your advices.
It seems that we shall reach the modern level
much quicker, than you came hereto its way.
The process of the development does not look at
condition purse or wit. If something must be
developed, it will is developed earlier or later.
It is possible that we can turn out to be in side,
if we can not participate in this themselves.
Thank you all.
Maxim Peshkov

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