Re: [Histonet] HT/HTL Job Opportunities Nationwide

From:Norman Meres

Okay......I get it....the consensus is that recruiters on the  
listserve is a good thing. Thank you all for your can  
anyone answer my question about lobster epidermis and optimum  
freezing temp for cryotomy?
On Aug 3, 2007, at 2:50 PM, Jasper, Thomas G. wrote:

> Just my 2 cents worth here Norman.  Maybe the term "spam" is  
> subjective, I don't know, but I most certainly would not consider  
> recruiters on this listserver as "spam".  When one comes along that  
> wants to enlarge a body part or make me rich because he's the  
> chancellor to an overthrown African dictator then I'd get on board  
> with the spam thing.
> Also keep in mind that we have a serious shortage of staff and that  
> folks in the field are just beginning to realize the financial  
> compensation that is long overdue.  I also believe someone  
> suggested hitting the delete button.  This is a good suggestion as  
> many "legit" topics on the Histonet do not apply to all  
> subscribers.  And who knows Norman, someday you may want to enlist  
> the service of one of these recruiters, either to obtain staff or a  
> new job yourself.
> Sincerely,
> Thomas Jasper HT (ASCP) BAS
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> Okay, I am new here, and not completely familiar with the customs of
> this listserve. I can only speak for myself. I didn't sign up for
> this listserve to receive emails such as this. I am here to read
> about the experiences of others, to share what tiny bit of
> histological knowledge I have, and to ask those with considerably
> more expertise to share theirs.
> I don't want to belabor this, but I would be in favor of not having
> recruiters come on this listserve and spam us.
> Thanks,
> Norman
> On Aug 3, 2007, at 10:37 AM, Robert Garhart wrote:
>> I am a recruiter with many clients in search of HT/HTL for their  
>> labs.
>> Feel free to call or email to further discuss these potential
>> positions
>> if you are open to change and located in or near one of the following
>> areas.
>> Greater Philadelphia
>> Greater NYC
>> Greater Boston
>> Greater Dallas
>> CT
>> NJ
>> OH
>> North and South Florida
>> Robert Garhart
>> Executive Recruiter
>> System 1 Search
>> 678-342-9029 Office
>> Website:
>> _______________________________________________
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