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From:"Wiese, Jason VHAROS"

I guess my last message didn't post (I forgot to hit reply to all), but
here it is again just in case anyone wanted to see it...

I would be willing to bet gun bluing would work.  The stuff they use to
"blue", which is actually pretty black, the barrel of a gun.  They also
make some touch up stuff with an applicator that would work just fine...
AND... they make a spray on that you bake when done and it hardens like
nails.  By  using it in a water bath that heats daily, it would only
make the finish better... harder...

My 2 cents...


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I am only speculating, but has anyone tried Gunblack from the sporting
store?  This stuff is used on  pistols/rifles to refinish/touch
the metal.  I'm not sure what the bath interior is made of, but  this
might do 
the trick.  I think I have seen the blackening compound in a  pen form.

Albert C.  Grobe, PhD
International Heart Institute of Montana Foundation
Tissue  Engineering Lab, Saint Patrick  Hospital

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