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Our Biomed department at Sacred Heart used to do this also. They used an
Epoxy paint which held up for a few years. As the surface ages, bubbles are
more of a problem as the surface gets pitted. I think they may also have
baked it on a little, but not sure.


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I like Fred's idea the best, fire up the BBQ and tap a keg. OK gang, next 
Friday we all meet over Fred's place.

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Many moons ago, when I worked at a small hospital, the biomedical
department was able to re-surface the inside of the flotation bath. When
he brought it back it looked like new.
I have no idea how he did it.  Anyone out there have a biomed pro they
can ask?
2 cents on a hot Friday,
Denise Long Woodward

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The Friday Hour of Fuming is being replaced by Freaky Question Day.  Is
there a way to "re-blacken" the interior surface of a tissue flotation
bath?  I've thought about high-temp black spray paint (like for BBQs,
engine parts, etc.) and quickly decided it probably would have some
oddball reaction with the whole tissue-floating thing.  Any ideas out
there? And, no, I haven't asked the manufacturer - I'm just having my
own ideas.  And that's often a dangerous place to be!

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