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Vibratome company also offers a self decontaminating cryostat.  It used Peracetic acid, and works like a dishwasher to splash it everywhere, then rinse it away. 

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Hi Leslie,

The Leica 1850 UV has a UV light for decontamination. It is a great cryostat and easy to use. There are other brands out there some of which have decontamination capability. I'm sure Micron and Thermo/Shandon models do too. The Leica is the most ergonomic and the right height for the average person (5'2" to 5'10") with little stooping over. Use a 2.5 degree knife angle instead of 5 degrees it comes set at. Make sure the knife holder back plate screws and lower horizontal plate screws (also on the knife holder) are good and tight, when you first get it in. I have had chatter because of this a couple of times.  Their anti-roll plate when adjusted correctly is the bomb. I have converted several avid 'I only use a brush' individuals. I set up Mohs labs and train Mohs technicians every week and they love Leica!
Good Luck.


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	I need to provide information and approximate pricing for a clinical cryostat - one with a decontamination system.  I would welcome responses from vendors but any info on the best model out there - particularly any models that are user-friendly for a wide range of potential users - would be welcome.  Thank you


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