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We’re upgrading our Webmail to offer you more features and make a great connection even better!


As part of the new AT&T, our goal is to continue to provide you with better, more exciting products and services.  Beginning August 1 through October 15, we will be upgrading to a new state-of-the art Webmail system. So for those of you who use Webmail, get ready to experience great new features!  The new system will also allow you to choose between two versions of email applications to suit your needs --Advanced Webmail or Classic Webmail. (If you use a client-based email application such as Microsoft®  Outlook® Express, Microsoft® Outlook® or Windows® Mail, you will continue to send and receive email as you do today.)


In addition to the features you currently have, Advanced Webmail comes with convenient new functionality to make your time on the web safer and more enjoyable, including:

    Improved navigation for quicker access to functions and settings

    ‘Drag and drop’ functionality makes it easier to organize your email messages

    A preview pane to view emails without having to open them

    Anti-phishing features to warn you of potentially fraudulent email messages and scams


If you prefer, you could choose to use our new Classic Webmail which offers the same features you currently have but with a new look.


But no matter which version you choose, the upgrade is FREE and your email address will not change.  The upgrade will happen automatically.  All you need to do is select how you want to view your inbox – with Advanced Webmail or Classic Webmail – when you log in to your email after the transition.


To learn more about these new Webmail enhancements…

Visit our interactive demo. And for more information about this transition, please view our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


We hope you’ll enjoy these new features and we’re happy to have you as part of our online community.  We look forward to bringing you many more exciting improvements.


Thank you for choosing the new AT&T—your world, delivered.


Your AT&T Customer Care Team



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