Re: [Histonet] anti-fade queous mounting media

From:Gayle Callis

Try Molecular Probes Prolong Gold antifade, it comes in hard set but follow 
brochure directions for use.   I don't know what it contains, but it works, 
sections can be coverslipped and if stored properly, still fluoresce over 
time.  It will also depend on fluorophore, Alexa 610 cannot be coverslipped 
with this mounting media.  Hard sets should be sealed.  Once again it will 
depend on if you are working with eGFP, avoid fingernail polish and use 
xylene or toluene based mounting media around coverslip edges, but dilute 
the media so you can paint it on.  If using standard fluorophores, 
fluroeceinated, Alexas or Cy fluorphores, then fingernail polish works fine.

Also, Vector Vectashield is antifade, hard set - you can also get this in a 
non- hard set media.

Both of these mounting medias come with or without DAPI.

At 09:56 AM 7/28/2006, you wrote:
>I need an anti-fade aqueous mounting media for coverslipping fluorescent 
>slides. The pathologist has specifically requested that it contain 
>phenylenediamine.  Vendors responses welcome
>Thank you in advance for your help
>Rena Fail
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